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"Adam Smith was absolutely amazing the quality of work was phenomenal! Adam was very punctual, scheduleing was not an issue with short notice and pricing was amazing! Would recommend High Shine to everyone that needs window cleaning done! Thank you very much Adam."

Kim D., via Google
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Window Cleaning To Make You Smile

Whether it is your home or your place of business, your windows play a big part in making an important impression on your visitors and customers. Whether you are in a detached home or a multistory building, at High Shine Window Cleaning, we look forward to making your windows shine.

We started cleaning windows back in 2008 and have the same approach to every single job — we just want to make you happy! Call us old-fashioned but we still believe in the good ol’ quality, reliability and open communication. Along with our window cleaning, we also offer pressure washing, soft washing, and gutter cleaning — anything that helps improve your property appearance, you can bet that we can do it! Why not take a look at what your neighbors are saying from our verified customer reviews right here?

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"Adam always does a wonderful job on my windows. It's always a pleasure to work with him! Highly recommend him and his services."

Amanda W., via Google
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Window Cleaning

Residential Window Cleaning

When you look out of your windows what do you see? If the answer is spots and stains, then it’s probably a sign that you need to have your windows cleaned.

At High Shine Window Cleaning, we appreciate that it takes a lot of trust to have someone come to your home to wash your windows. Your home is your personal space, and you don’t want to have disruption within your place of work. At High Shine Window Cleaning, we will always put your needs first. We will work around your schedule to ensure minimal disruption to your day. And you can rest assured that all of our technicians are polite, experienced and trained in providing you with exceptional customer service. We will treat your home as we would our own. When we leave, everything will be exactly the same — except you will have sparkling windows!

Residential window cleaning in Indianapolis, FL

3 Day Rain Guarantee

If it rains within 3 days of us cleaning your home windows, we'll come back and re-clean them for free!

Commercial Window Cleaning

We understand how important a first impression is when it comes to getting foot traffic to enter your store. Every little bit helps, and that includes clean windows and ledges, inside and out. We work to do the absolute best job every single time we clean your storefront windows. You will see a difference, we promise. And don't forget, we can clean mirrors too!

Pressure Washing

Your driveway and sidewalk play just as an important role in providing your visitors with a great first impression as your windows do.

It’s common to want to go out and purchase a pressure washer from the store and do the job yourself, or even borrow your neighbor's. We wouldn’t recommend this, especially if you have no previous experience using a pressure washer. If you use a pressure washer without any prior experience, you could actually do more damage to your property than help it. At High Shine Window Cleaning, using our experience combined with our professional equipment, we can really help to boost your property’s curb appeal.

If you would like to improve the outer appearance of your property so you can feel proud pulling up to it, get in touch with us using one of the buttons below!

Pressure washing in Indianapolis

Receive a written estimate within 3 days or receive a $10 coffee gift card

If you don't receive a written estimate within 3 days from us, then your next couple of coffees are on us!

Soft Washing

How is the siding on your property? Is it covered in mildew, grime or nasty build-up? If so, High Shine Window Cleaning can help your property sparkle once again.

When it comes to soft washing, using a regular pressure washing process could cause a lot of damage to your property — it could actually blow a hole in your siding! With soft washing, we use a softer amount of pressure. During our cleaning process, we apply a special blend of detergents to help keep your siding clean for many years to come!

If you would like to pull up to your home with a smile on your face, tap on one of the buttons below to get in touch with us!

House washing in Indianapolis

"Our siding and deck look brand new we are so thankful!!! Super polite, and did a phenomenal job. I highly recommend this company!!!!"

Kelly B., via Facebook
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Gutter Cleaning

Your gutters do a lot of heavy lifting to protect your home. They deserve to be protected too!

Over time, your gutters can become clogged with leaves and debris — and with this comes other uninvited guests who nest in there. When water has nowhere to flow, this can lead to serious problems, including internal damage to your home. At High Shine Window Cleaning, we provide expert gutter cleaning services. As we are professional high rise window cleaners, we understand how to clean your gutter safely and effectively — we would much prefer to save you from getting up there on a ladder. Take it from us, it’s never worth the risk of your safety.

We will inspect your gutters and downspouts so that we understand exactly what needs to be repaired or cleaned. We will remove all debris from your gutters to help protect your home, making it cleaner and allowing water to flow through efficiently.

If you are concerned about the state of your gutters, contact us today using one of the buttons below!

Gutter cleaning in Indianapolis, FL

"Adam did a fantastic job! He was very thorough and efficient. I will definitely hire him again!"

Nicole K., via Yelp
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Meet High Shine Window Cleaning

High Shine Window Cleaning Van

At High Shine Window Cleaning, we have been providing window cleaning for home and business owners in Indianapolis since 2008. Since this time, we treat every job exactly the same with one common goal — to make you happy! Why not take a look at what our customers are saying from our verified reviews right here?

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